Small Business

Save money with simple security.

Set up multiple cameras for a fraction of the cost of a traditional video surveillance system. With live streaming, night vision, two-way talk and mobile apps, you’ll have peace of mind wherever you happen to be.

Meet businesses that trust Dropcam.

Dropcam is ideal for small businesses like restaurants, hotels, car dealerships and more. From managing wait lists to keeping an eye on inventory, you’ll have a powerful tool at your disposal.

See how Dropcam means business.

From overnight security to customer engagement, see why businesses love Dropcam.

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Watch multiple locations at once.

If you own several stores or restaurants, add a wireless security camera to each location to track customer traffic, employee performance and other key factors. Check in using your smartphone, tablet or computer and use two-way talk to communicate with managers on the go.

Security both day and night.

No matter how connected you are to your business, there are those moments that require a second look. With our optional Cloud Recording service, you can review saved footage to get the details. Download saved clips to your computer or email them via a private link.

Learn about Cloud Recording

Make your camera public.

Customers love knowing what goes down when they’re not around. Whether you showcase your sushi-making skills or call out your latest creation, offering a live view of your business is a great way to attract customers, generate some buzz and encourage repeat visits.

Simple to set up.

Just plug in your camera and launch the Dropcam app on your phone. You’ll be streaming video and receiving alerts in moments.

Rest easy when you’re away.

Check in on your business around the clock with night vision. Zoom in to get the details and receive alerts when motion or sound is detected.