Pet Monitoring

Check in on Sparky from anywhere.

Ever wonder what your pet does when you’re away? Drop in on the action using your smartphone, tablet or computer. With high-definition live streaming, mobile apps, night vision and two-way talk, you’ll have the ultimate pet monitor for your best friend.

Simple to set up.

Just plug in your camera and launch the Dropcam app on your phone. You’ll be streaming video and receiving alerts in moments.

Stay in step.

Keep track of when your pup comes and goes. If you have a dog walker, use two-way talk to share last minute instructions or to say a quick hello.

"Many thanks to Dropcam for literally saving our dogs and house from what could have been a horrible fire had we not seen it happening live and been able to get back in time!"

Nick Dinsmoor

Solve mutt mysteries.

How does your puppy open all of your kitchen drawers? Are your cat and dog really friends? With our optional Cloud Recording service, you can review footage from the past week or month to find out what really happens when you’re away.

Eliminate pet peeves.

Get notified when your pup is on the couch or your kitten is cruising the countertops. Share a few words of wisdom using two-way talk to steer your pet in the right direction.

Capture the cuteness.

Check in on your pets whenever you need a quick break. Share your stream with friends and family so they can join in on the fun. Studies have shown that kitten and puppy cams increase workplace happiness and may even end wars. *

* This is not an actual study. But it should be.