Set up in minutes.

Traditional video home security systems are often expensive and difficult to install. With Dropcam, you can set up multiple cameras on your own. Just connect the cameras to your local Wi-Fi network and start streaming live video instantly.

Guard your gear.

Whether it’s a vintage toy collection or a closet of expensive film equipment, having a wireless security camera in the room provides additional peace-of-mind. A well-placed Dropcam is also a great way to scare off those with sneaky intentions.

Be in two places at once.

Add a Dropcam to a busy room to keep an eye on children as they play. Drop in live to check on the action and stop mischief using two-way talk.

See who’s at the door.

Get a live view of who’s arriving and when. Keep track of the comings and goings of workers, friends, pets and kids using motion and sound alerts. With optional Cloud Recording you can review what’s happened over the past week or month.

Visit your vacation home.

Have a second home? Dropcam is an ideal vacation home security system. You’ll feel good knowing you can drop in on your special place and make sure nothing is amiss--or just enjoy the retreat even when you can’t be there.